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Team and Pair Events

Performed with either lance or sword at a flat out gallop, pegs start at 7.5cm and go down to 2.5cm in competition run offs.


Teams and pairs are marked on their speed, peg collection drills and synchronisation. Easier said than done when your horses are trying to race each other!


Team and pairs events include lance and sword pegging as both a 'section' (beside each other) and for teams only: Indian File - the ultimate tentpegging skill and horsemanship. In Indian File classes, riders gallop single file one behind each other, just a horse's length apart, collecting pegs in a line.

We are fortunate to have several civilian teams based around the UK as well as those hailing from the armed forces. Teams comprise three members for domestic UK competitions, however it's possible to run A and B teams, and so on. Riders without a regular team spot can usually find others in the same situation in the lead up to a competition by posting on our Facebook page and are welcome to make up a team.


Currently, we have civilian tentpeggers based in most regions of England - the South East, Yorkshire, Central Shires, the South West, Norfolk and the Midlands. 


Retaining links with the sport's military history, teams attached to the forces include the Royal Logistics Corps, Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery and the Household Cavalry. The Countess Mountbatten's Own Legion of Frontiersmen are also regular competitors.

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