Invitation International - The Netherlands (Sept 28-30 2018)

Two British teams will compete in the invitational inter-club international competition which takes place at the Hippisch Centrum Muiderberg, near Amsterdam.

We have one team representing the BTA, riding as Great Britain, who will take on the hosts, Germany and our second British club team: The Dartmoor Demons, who are the reigning team champions of this event.

The teams will compete on borrowed horses, with the exception of Michael and Adrian of the Dartmoor Demons team, who are taking their horses Naranja and Tommy with them.

We wish both teams the very best of luck - watch our Facebook page for updates!

Meet the Teams


Martin Swann

Martin was introduced to tent pegging two and a half years ago by rider Michael Smith who offered to train him and his lovely coloured horse, Destiny.


Martin says he soon fell in love with the sport: “I have had the opportunity to do some local events and this year made it to Birmingham's Mega Mela and Aldsworth with my horse Destiny, who I feel now is starting to really respond to the sport.


"I'm really looking forward to the challenges ahead in Holland.”

British Tentpegging Association GB Team


Chris Marron

Chris is the BTA’s current Best Newcomer award-holder, having taken up the sport in early 2017.


He was on the team who attended the same event in 2017, taking home an individual gold in the Apples and Peg class.


Chris rides his almost-matching grey mares Clover and Molly at domestic events and can often be seen rallying the teams at the start of the competition with his trumpet, whilst mounted!


Bradley Clifford-Fransman

Bradley and his Appaloosa horse China have been setting the pace at tentpegging events in the UK for some years now. Graduating from our junior ranks, Bradley has previously represented Great Britain in the Netherlands, South Africa and Oman and is aiming for a place on the Under 21 national team to head back out to Oman for the inaugural ITPF World Junior Championships in January 2019.


A previous medal-winner at the Netherlands international, Bradley is hoping to repeat this performance at the 2018 tournament.

Image credit: Fash Photography


Zee Mehmood

Zee is a member of the Punjab Lancers tentpegging team, alongside his family and friends.


He can be seen regularly at English Heritage events, riding in historical displays and shows.


Zee was a member of the GB Under 21 team who travelled to South Africa in July 2018 and competes in tentpegging events and Melas across the UK.

The BTA recommends all riders wear correctly-fitted safety headgear when mounted at all times


Dawn Watkins

Dawn is an experienced coach and former tentpegging rider who now prefers to be on the ground!


She has managed and coached the national team on several occasions.


Away from tentpegging, she enjoys bringing on her own horses Legacy and Gem.

The Dartmoor Demons Team

Overall team winners at the 2017 event, the Dartmoor Demons will be back at the Hippisch Centrum Muiderberg in September 2018 to defend their title.

The same four riders will take part, with the bonus of Michael and Adrian bringing their horses Naranja and Tommy over from the UK this time. 

Tina Ricketts-Smith is at the helm as Coach/Manager once more.

The team have a mix of 'youth and experience' with two junior riders joining two accomplished international campaigners. This combination works well for the pairs classes and gives the team the opportunity to learn from each other.

The team have definitely put the extreme south west of the UK firmly on the map for the sport of tentpegging, hosting training events and competitions over the past couple of years.


We wish them the very best of luck on their travels over to the Netherlands.


Michael Smith 

Image credit: D Fransman Photography

Adrian Deane


Nicole Nabal


Image credit: D Fransman Photography


Daisy Penrose


Tina Ricketts-Smith

Image credit: Melissa Penrose-Body

Event Results

Individual Lance
1st Adrian Deane (Dartmoor Demons)
2nd Bradley Clifford-Fransman (BTA GB)
3rd Martin Swann (BTA GB)

Adrian won this class on a 1 inch peg runoff with Bradley!

Individual Sword
1st Bradley Clifford-Fransman (BTA GB team)
2nd Michael Smith (Dartmoor Demons)
3rd Adrian (Dartmoor Demons) and Andre

Ring and Peg Lance
1st Michael Smith (DD)
2nd Bradley Clifford-Fransman (BTA GB)
3rd Andre

Rings and Peg Sword
1st Andre
2nd Michael Smith (DD)
3rd Zeeshan Mehmood (BTA GB)

Apples and Peg
1st Michael Smith (DD)
2nd Jaffar
3rd Arne

Half-Section Sword
1st Aileen Froitzheim and Jenny Horvath (Germany)
2nd Bradley Clifford-Fransman and Zeeshan Mehmood (BTA GB)
3rd Jaffar and Raymond

Half-Section Lance 
1st Bradley Clifford-Fransman and Zeeshan Mehmood (BTA GB)
2nd Aileen Froitzheim and Jenny Horvath (Germany)
3rd Adrian Deane and Michael Smith (DD)

Skill at Arms
1st Bradley Clifford-Fransman (BTA GB)
2nd Adrian Deane (DD)
3rd Raymond

Overall Master at Arms: Bradley Clifford-Fransman (BTA GB)

Winner of the Master of Lance: Adrian Deane (DD)

Overall Team Results:

1 The Netherlands (706 points)

2. British Tentpegging Association Great Britain (660 points)

3. Dartmoor Demons (635.5 points)

4. Germany (533 points)

Event Photography

Sam Knott of SLK Fotografie has taken some fantastic pictures of the riders and horses in this competition, truly capturing our sport at its best. If anyone would like to contact the photographer to request any digitally edited images, please email

Work will be free of charge unless a large amount of Photoshop work is required. Digital photos are also available to download directly from the Flickr album in high resolution. Please do not use these images for commercial use without prior permission from the photographer.

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