Ginger Dragon League

Ginger Dragon Ltd kindly sponsor an annual league for members competing at events with Tentpegging classes throughout the season.


Awards for the Top Ten riders are presented at the annual BTA dinner, based on placings that riders have accumulated over the course of the season. Not forgetting our horses who are the real stars of our sport, prizes include treats to take home for our four-legged friends!


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Mr Rosley in action - the Ginger Dragon league trophy is named in memory of the gorgeous grey Tentpegging horse

The aim of the league is to encourage particiaption in Tentpegging and Skill at Arms events in the UK. The winner takes home the impressive Mr Rosley trophy for the next 12 months. The Ginger Dragon league has been contested annually since 2010.


Points are calculated based on riders' top performing scores from 75% of the competitions they enter during the season. The total points are then taken from these competition scores to determine the winner. Points can be gained at all competitions - both BTA-organised events and those run domestically under ITPF rules.


This means that competitors who don't attend all competitions throughout the season are still in the running, based on the points gained at the competitions they have attended.


2015 League Results


Click the links belo to view the overll and junior placings for 2015:






Ginger Dragon League Results 2014


1st Jenna Copley and Connie/Peer/Cookie

2nd Michael Smith and Naranja

3rd Sarah King and Jubilee Jade

4th Adrian Deane and Tommy

5th Rachel Imber and Mercedes

6th Peter Turland and Paddy

=7th Jem Pearce and Pepsi Max

=7th Paul Brown and Baron Bruni

9th Bradley Clifford-Fransman (jr) and China

10th Jacky Chandler and Honey


View hostory of the award and results from previous years>



How the League Results are Calculated


  • Scores are taken from all individual classes held at competitions in the UK: Points are awarded from 1-10 (First place receives 10 points; 10th place receives 1 point, and so on). Placings can be determined by run offs. Placings can also be determined by time (and under ITPF rules);

  • Placings where less than 10 competitors score are pro rata i.e. if only three competitors enter, then first place = 3 points;

  • Points will only be awarded if the placing achieved in the competition scores points. Elimination is 0 points in any given class;

  • Riders with more than one horse in a competition will only have their top score added to the league table. Lower placed riders will be awarded points accordingly, 'leapfrogging' over the subsequent second placing of the rider with two horses;

  • Master at Arms and team section/half section/ Indian file placings are not eligible unless there is a tie for any of the top three places;

  • So Master at Arms total wins will be a decider in the event of a tie for a place but, if not applicable, points from section/half section events using the best score nominated by the rider for one event to determine the tie break;

  • Restricted classes or display classes where there is no qualifier or entry is by invitation only (including internationals or competitions outside the UK) are not eligible to score;

  • Classes with a first round and the final held immediatley after (with at least ten competitors) are eligible and use the final places for points;

  • Placings are only to be advised by the body running the competition and down to the level the league can determine 1st-10th. If the competition cannot provide places or full scoresheets, they cannot be added to the league;

  • Riders are free to examine score sheets before the presenation of prizes. However, any query to have the league adjusted has to be agreed with the body who presented the results before being changed;

  • Any mathmatical errors will be corrected and made public;

  • We're an evolving sport so any suggestions on how to make the league better, fairer or more transparent are welcomed! Please email your ideas to:  


A word from the league sponsors:


For anyone new to the league or how it works and with some thoughts on how we may progress…


Since its inception 2010, the Ginger Dragon League has been independent. It represents the entire Tentpegging fraternity in the UK.  The results are for all to see. Riders are encouraged to build on your performance year on year and not be totally judged on it. Not everyone can go to all the shows now there are a good number – in 2015, no one went to all the shows.


The original purpose of the Ginger Dragon league was to encourage riders to attend more shows and assess how they faired. In the early days there were very few events: six as opposed to sixteen in 2015). It was also to show transparency in results recording, sadly absent for a long while in the sport.


In 2015, knowing the number of shows had increased, we tried to improve things further.. At the suggestion of several individuals, we tried to balance things up to view more of the average level of skill. Therefore, we used 75% of scores to show attendances rounded in the riders' favour. The discarded scores are shown in red on the score sheet. Broadly, this format has worked well and brought the scores in the mid-places very close together and swapped one or two places.


In an ideal world we could use the % of the total points available in each competition that in purity is a more meaningful result  but to do that we would need all the scores (in an easy format). We would also need all the shows to run the same number of classes to make things balanced for all riders. One idea for the future if we did that is, regardless of leagues, is to use the league to grade riders as well as place them to encourage newer riders, sometimes with divided sections in a class or different league sections like in other sports.


For example:


85% or more (total score of available points, which need to be the same at all shows if possible) grade A rider

75-84 % B grade rider

50-74 % C etc.


Riders would need to do a minimum number of shows to be graded or have shows at which their grading is set if not all shows can run all classes. What would you choose?


Some Tent pegging nations already grade like this .However, to allow a grading system we need many more members!


Choosing riders for team GB based on a grade is actually perhaps better than any league placing. Sometimes league classes are won on low scores, grading would fix that. Selectors can consider the league or any other league as a general idea of success but there is far more to selecting than a league result. What is more important on technical skill is the number of hits, draws and carry’s if a selector was looking for say international material on the technical ability aspect. These scores could be added in if the organisers recorded them. That is why a grading system could work very well.


However back to the league in 2015 … With any amount of input, to make it fairer this league (or any league) works best when most riders do about the same number of competitions and the competitions themselves run about the same number of classes – not easy. The riders need to ask for more classes in the smaller shows perhaps? The league encourages this debate through its scoring. Riders should be attracted to competitions that offer them value for the time and money they invest in their sport.


However outsiders view a result, for riders it’s a good tool to see how they have improved or not in that season. They can extract scores as they see fit to compare, especially if they only attend a few shows or do specialist classes that not all shows offer. It was not intended as the only measure of ability. This year it has become clear that we now have riders who specialise, especially in sword and overheads.


We also clearly have a few riders who attend only a few shows as their time allows but show that they are real talent. It is hoped that they will want to build on that success, attend more shows and get more involved in the general sport.


Riders who attend more shows still have the luxury of dropping low scores but also look at them as dedicated. The winner this year dropped more points than many lower placing scored (as did several of the riders to a lesser degree) and that is a testament to a fantastic year for the 2015 winner.


The Tentpegging world in the UK is not officially 'this or that show' – its all the shows. Get out and compete and good luck!


The Ginger Dragon league is always open to suggestions and comments.

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