GB Junior Team for International Competition in South Africa - July 2-4 2018

We are pleased to announce that we will be sending a British team of riders aged under 21 years to an invitational international competition against South Africa. The team will take on the host nation in an international friendly competition held at the Beaufort West Showground, Western Cape in July 2018.

Team Coach: Samantha Wallace

Team Manager: Inge Bateman



Mr Bradley Clifford-Fransman

Mr Zeeshan Mehmood

Mr Humza Malik-Ramzan

Miss Charlie Bateman

Miss Dana Bateman

Read the full report from this trip below

The GB Under 21 team at the presentation in South Africa

The GB Under 21 team at the presentation in South Africa

Team GB Under 21s take on South Africa’s Girls and Boys Teams

By Team Manager Inge Bateman and Coach Sam Wallace


The team arrived in Beaufort West South Africa on June 30 2018 to compete against the Junior SA Girls Team and Junior SA Boys Team.


We were greeted at the Boarding School where all the teams were staying. Rooms had been allocated so we could go straight in and drop our luggage before we were taken out for dinner and had a chance to meet the riders, coaches, managers and organisers.


Despite the competition between SA and GB, our coach Samantha was quickly joined by the SA girl’s coach Dalene Baksa, who was an amazing help and support for us all.


On Sunday morning, everyone met up for breakfast, followed by some shopping for essentials like water, chocolates etc. The draw of horses took place that afternoon at the show ground and we got some great horses!


The teams had a chance to ride the horses for about an hour, before heading back to the boarding school ready for a barbecue. This was a great opportunity to get to know the SA team, their families and supporters and meet new and old friends.


On July 2 2018, all horses were vet checked. The excitement started to build up during the warm-up and we had a great GB team ready to do their best!


Several comments were made of how smart the GB team looked whilst they were warming up doing drill work.


The competition started off with a parade, followed by a few speeches, salutes and national anthems.


The first mornings’ competition was against the SA girls’ team, with GB team holding their own. The weather was rather cold and we even had a short spell of snow and hail.

Score Updates

Zee rides horse 'Sugar'

Humza shows his rock-steady hand in the rings

The afternoon competition was against the SA boys’ team, with GB team improving their scores throughout the day. The team scored a few full hoses, excelling on the 40mm pegs, overheads and Indian file. The team came second in both completions that day so have brought home silver medals, plus four of our riders gained their GB colours.


The presentation took place later that afternoon at a game resort where we exchanged gifts and congratulated each other. We also had a lovely lunch and the opportunity to drive through the reserve. The teams then enjoyed further food and refreshments and played bowls with additional teams who were joining to compete in the Youth Festival.


On July 3, we had a quick breakfast at the boarding school and then headed off to the show ground for the Youth Festival. This was an additional opportunity for our riders to compete but this time riders were riding their own horses and we were very kindly lent five horses for our team to use.


In total, eight teams took part in this competition, Again, we started off with a parade and also finished with a parade very much like the previous day.


There were eight classes in the morning, with a further eight in the afternoon. Team GB improved once more as the day progressed, with moments of brilliance from all riders.


Over the two days the GB team did some great runs:

  • Humza rarely missed a peg;

  • Zee’s individual sword was the fastest and highest score of the day;

  • Charlie took the 40mm peg in individual lance;

  • Dana took the 40mm peg in individual sword, unintentionally without stirrups, much to the great delight of the crowd!

  • Bradley showed his skills at the rings with a full house;

  • The team took two full houses on 40mm pegs in Indian File with lance and sword.


That evening we had the presentations and exchange of gifts at the showground, followed by a barbecue. This also included a few auctions for charity with great participation and support by the GB team and family. The GB manager became rather worried when Samantha started bidding for the live lama! We weren’t sure how we would pack it … Fortunately, it turned out that one of the SA contingent had asked her to bid on his behalf.


We would like to thank the SA organisers, teams, supporters, helpers, friends and families for their generosity and support. Great thanks and gratitude goes to the GB families who came with us, helped and assisted whenever needed.


We must not forget to thank the British Tentpegging Association for this opportunity and thanks to all the families and friends who have helped in leading up to this event.


Thank you to the sponsor of the team shirts: Electract Ltd. from Coalville, Leicestershire.


We can’t mention everyone but a particular thanks goes to our hosts Gerald and Marcelle Minnaar. Gerald was also the coach for the SA boys’ team and Marcelle was judging both days.


We had some amazing horses and we would like to thank them all as well as their owners for lending them to us.


We have all returned with memories, new friendships and further skills from our time in South Africa and hope to meet them again either in GB or SA.

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